Boat to Boat Marine Pump out Service

Marine holding tank waste removal and Sanitizing

We can help you with our mobile marine pump out service, we are quick, professional, clean and save you from having to move your boat to visit a public pump out station and handle the equipment yourself.

SoCal Clean Marine is dedicated to keeping our coastal waters and marinas environmentally clean.  Waste from boaters can cause unsafe conditions for aquatic life and humans, forcing the closing of beaches and harming the food chain with bacterial pollution. To avoid the incorrect dumping of human waste, on-board sewage management is imperative and saves our coastal ecosystems from exposure and contamination and preserves our planet’s health.

All vessels that have on board Heads should have a Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) or holding tank. We visit boats and pump out these septic holding tanks so boaters can relax and enjoy the waterways without the worry.

 SoCal Clean Marine offers boat to boat septic tank waste removal pump out service in San Diego harbors.

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Boat Holding Tank
Pump out Service

Our Unique 4 Step Process
With Built-in Maintenance

1) Pump the waste from the tank.
2) Rinse tank with fresh water and descaling additive.
3) Deodorize with environmentally safe deodorizer.
4) Clean and Wipe down nozzle area.

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